SPRING CREEK • 23.4 Sq. Mi. 5,440′ Elevation Assn. Founded 1971 Population 14,320

Near the base of the majestic Ruby Mountains lies the rural community of Spring Creek, a name synonymous with outdoor recreation. Lamoille Canyon, Southfork Reservoir and Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge are within a short drive. The Spring Creek Association, one of the largest private homeowner associations in the US, maintains:

An uncrowded, par 72, 18 hole golf course.

Indoor and outdoor equestrian center known as the Horse Palace.
A trap and skeet range complete with 16 trap houses, two skeet fields and a 5 stand sporting clay course.
5 stand rifle range.
29 space private campground spread over 640 acres at the base of the Ruby Mountains Wilderness which also offers trailhead access to Ruby Dome and Griswold Lake, to name a few.
Barrick Park with a basketball court and baseball diamond.

Marina Park with a 32 acre stocked private lake, which provides opportunities for fishing, canoeing, wildlife viewing, picnicking and various sporting events.
4 baseball diamonds in the existing sports complex.
A new sports complex with four soccer fields is under development.

Spring Creek is uncrowded, unspoiled and safe. Traffic and commute times are a non-existent for most people. Newcomers are welcomed and valued for their fresh perspective and experience. A high level of involvement in Spring Creek’s many clubs and organizations contributed to the community feel. Spring Creek is dedicated to family life, providing education from preschool to high school and sponsoring a variety of youth activities.

Geographic Location

Spring Creek is situated 8 miles south of the city of Elko on Hwy. 227, a.k.a. Lamoille Hwy. The close proximity to Lamoille Canyon, Southfork Reservoir and Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge add to the recreation equation.

Business Climate

Entrepreneurs will find Spring Creek ripe with opportunities. There is no business license requirement. The Spring Creek Association office provides customer referrals and relocation information. The Spring Creek Journal profiles new and existing businesses. There are currently many sites zoned for commercial/industrial development. Home-based businesses also flourish; about 400 are already established. With multiple Internet service providers and an award-winning website developer, Spring Creek utilizes fiber optic access and has 56K capabilities, providing for commercial high-tech needs.