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IEDC Data Set

Need city or county data and demographics? A list of top companies? Utility rates? You’ve come to the right place. Click on the links below for recent data on our workforce, transportation, utilities and more. Or contact our team for a customized report.

Demographics & Trends

Take a close look at Elko County’s 50,000+ residents.


One-day truck delivery to all of California, Oregon and Nevada is just the beginning. Learn about our air, rail and roadway transportation.

Have questions about regulatory requirements in our area?

Quality of Life

Learn more about our 200+ sunny days a year, friendly neighbors and easy access to education and recreation.


Need more information on the local talent? Find out who’s here and what they can do for your business.

Leading Employers

Get our list of top Elko County employers.


No state income tax, unitary tax, franchise tax, inheritance tax, special intangible tax or inventory tax—learn more about our favorable tax climate.


Explore our state, regional and local governments and their role in Elko County’s business community’s successes.


Find relevant training programs and certifications at Great Basin College’s seven campuses in Elko County.


Get connected to our water, power and other utility providers.